No fun

Last night we went to see Punch, all of the sets were super UNTIL Punch.  I’ve been super wary of going to shows because I don’t want to get hurt and I didn’t until the first 2 seconds of their first song.  The crowd just erupted.  I was trying to stay far back from everything and I couldn’t see anything during the set anyhow but there was a just a wall of people that fell back and on top of me.  They all just stayed on top of me and crushed me, it didn’t feel like anyone even tried to get up until my partner tried to help me. 
Out of shock I started crying, and I just wanted to go home.  My nose and one eye are pretty bruised and I hit my head really hard and my legs are generically damaged.  This is exactly why I’ve been afraid of going to shows, I’d rather stay home and be no fun then get wrecked.

 This is something that's super important to me, and it really shouldn't get overlooked by others who are able-bodied, I have spoken up about this before, but its hard to make it important to people who have no idea what having to deal with a disability is like.  Where I do know the risks of doing to shows, its not a situation where I can solve it.  Making shows safe and friendly isn't up the to the group that feels threatened or unsafe; its up to the community to monitor what goes on to ensure that shit gets checked.  
This was an argument that got brought up before and is worth another read, if anyone cares about not having a terrible local scene

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