How to influence change: part 1

As soon as any one person steps outside of the general media sphere of influence, socially, politically or ideologically, then they start to see the flaws in the corporate governed lives we're conditioned to want.  By realizing that we're given this really specific idea of happiness to conform to, the ideal means of changing your life to be how you would want it should be easy: cut out the parts that are false and useless.  Only when one goes to try do they get to see how deep rooted and culturally ingrained all of the lies and conditioning go.

Its in the little details, its the little things that you probably don't notice.

Its the fact we have to pay to live, period.
Its how people somehow got the mindset that paying more for something means its better.
Its how we get told that not showering everyday and wearing your clothes more than once is filthy
Its how white straight teeth mean someone is better, no basis for better, just better.
Its how a slightly messy house isn't lived in, its slovenly and a sign of a lower class person
Its how social classes matter at all.
Its how all little girls for some reason want diamonds and big weddings
Its how not having a car makes you poor
Its how body hair is dirty
Its how some girls are sluts...just because they're sluts
Its how a date not paying for the meal and everything else was a bad date; even if you enjoyed yourself

How is it we get these silly ideas in our heads that were probably never directly told to us, but we feel some driving urge to conform to?  More importantly, how do we break free from them?  With all of the bullshit being fed to us so subtly, Its up to those who want change to have an active voice in making it happen.  We can't just be fed things we don't want and accept it.  If we want a better future, we can't wait for someone else to make it happen:  we have to fix it for ourselves.

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