New Years and No More Beers

It's 2012, happy end of the world.  Whether or not its true, this last year has been full of change.

   I moved away from my mother, joined the local Anarchist Bookfair collective and started putting in an effort to meet new people.  My medical treatments did get upgraded because I haven't gotten any better but hopefully I'll being seeing results soon, or just changing them until I do.  Looking after myself is almost a priority now, but being halfway happy half of the time is something I've gotten good at.  I got 200 hours in Oblivion There was a lot of miserable crap but its not worth dwelling on; it's more important to keep moving forward.

  In memorial of my best friend who passed away August 2010, I quit drinking.  Even though there wasn't any result shared from the autopsy, no one who knew her doubted that her drinking had a hand in whatever happened and it hasn't been easy but I've stuck to it for 7 months.  Being a drunk is no way to honour someone who drank themselves to death.  

It feels really odd to be proud of myself for getting things together this last year but I never have had to before.  I got to grow up a lot, and I'm actually looking forward to whatever is going to happen next.  So I don't bugger things up so terribly, I actually got an organizer and I'm not going to ditch it after a month.  I don't really do resolutions, otherwise I'd post 'em, but here's to not fucking everything up.