First swings

If I'm going to be stuck in my flat because of illness, but with a head still full of sharp ideas, I may as well put it all somewhere.  
All of the simple and significant things about me are point-formed on the side.  I'm small, in my early 20s and dealing with a chronic illness that leaves me not really able to work or even get around.  Even though I do have a lot of mobility issues, I try to keep up with all of my old interests and hobbies, like bike riding, sewing, baking, and general mischief.  Social responsibility and shattering the really fucked up mentality of how to treat other earthlings is critically important to me.  There are too many things going on in the world because people are over complacent with what the distorted media and corporate puppets in the government are feeding us and it has to stop.  If there's one thing worth fighting for, its living free and honest.

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